ICFA RUI's Breeding Regulations
ICFA RUI's Central office keeps the unified register that includes at present more than 20,000 cats.
Accuracy and reliability of pedigrees is monitored by the Association's pedigree commission. Thus, the register insures breeders against false pedigree documents and allows to identify any cat in the visible part of a pedigree whatever Association it might belong to.
Guided by the principles of cattery breeding ICFA RUI grants breeders the widest rights and opportunities to improve the type and color within a breed they have chosen, entrusting them with the only duty - to follow the standard of the selected breed. A breeder has the right to count on any informational and methodological support on the part of the ICFA RUI's pedigree commission at that.
  1. A breeder registers a cattery at the Association's Central office (or through ICFA RUI's regional representatives) for a period of 3 years. With breeding at the cattery continued and with no violations of the Breding Regulations the breeder re-registers the cattery every 3 years.
  2. To get a cattery registered it is sufficient to be the owner of one pedigree cat.
  3. A cattery 's name must consist of no more than 2 words in Latin letters with no more than 12 characters in it, word spaces including, and it cannot comprise names of cat breeds as well as words CAT, KITTEN, BEST, GRAND, SUPER or their derivatives.
  4. A cattery's name must be a unique one, i.e. there cannot be 2 catteries registered under the same name.
  5. Once registered a cattery's name cannot be altered. If wish be to change a cattery's name the owner must register a new cattery.
  6. A breeder, keeping a few cat breeds, is entitled to register in his name one cattery for all breeds or a separate cattery for every breed.
  7. One cattery can be registered with one or two persons.
  8. When changing ownership transfer a new owner is entitled to add his/her IFCA RUI registered cattery's name to the acquired cat's name (An cat's name along with the added cattery's name must not exceed 35 characters, word spaces including).

  1. A cat must be registered in the IFCA RUI's database in the name of real owner and must have an ownership transfer drawn up.
  2. Cats with pedigrees verified by the IFCA RUI's pedigree commission can be admitted to pedigree breeding.
  3. In case of any disputable issues related to the pedigree of the non-registered with IFCA RUI cat (lack of the pedigree, blunders with no chances to be corrected using the IFCA RUI's database) the Central office reserves the right not to put on record the above cat's litter.
  4. Clinically healthy cats, having a veterinary passport with dehelmintization and vaccination records, at the age of complete physiological maturity (1 year old for cats) can be admitted to pedigree breeding. In exceptional cases, at early pubescence, to avoid hormone misbalance this age barrier can be lowered to 10 months.
  5. A breeder may register not more than 2 litters from one cat in a calendar year. This limitation makes it its aim not to let the organism of a pregnant, parturient and nursing cat be exhausted.

  1. Kittens litter is registered in the Pedigree Book after filling in all sections of the standard form. Note: it is obligatory for a cat owner to fill in and sign SECTION "B" to avoid misunderstandings when paying for insemination.
  2. All kittens from the same litter are registered simultaneously. A breeder is entitled not to register kittens which, to his mind, do not meet standards of the desirable type. Additional registration of kittens from already registered litter is not permitted.
  3. A cattery owner is responsible for defining breed, sex, and color of the kittens registered. The Association's Central office does not account for breeders mistakes (color, sex, name etc) when registering the litter. Documents re-registration is done at the expense of a breeder.
  4. When facing difficulties in defining a breed, sex and color a breeder is entitled to seek advice from a felinologist of the ICFA RUI's regional representative office.
  5. Following the rules of kitten registration with the ICFA RUI, the name of the cattery (family name) stands first in a kitten's name followed by the kitten's proper name. Kittens from the same litter must be named by a breeder and their names must start from the same letter.
  6. A kitten's full name must not exceed 35 characters, word space including.
  7. A kitten's new owner may re-register the ownership transfer, received when acquiring the kitten, in his/her name and order 4-generations pedigree at the ICFA RUI's Central office or at any ICFA RUI's regional representation office.
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