Breeds and colors
HEAD (40)
        10 .. Head shape
        10 .. Ears
        10 .. Eye
	10 .. Profile
BODY (35)
        7 .. Torso
        7 .. Legs
        7 .. Bones
        7 .. Muscle Tone
	7 .. Tail
SKIN & COAT (20)
        10 .. Naked
        10 .. Rugosity
General description: The Ukrainian Levkoy is a cat of very original appearance, hairless and with folded ears. These cats are of medium size, the body is rather long, muscular and slender of rectangular format. The bare skin of Levkoy is soft and hot, it is excessive, elastic and wrinkled. Levkoy cat’s peculiar features are: special angular contour of its head and “stepped” profile (dogface appearance) folded ears and by large, but not well wide opened, almond-shaped eyes. They are very friendly and active. The cats express sexual dimorphism.
Head: Alonged modified wedgeshaped. From the top view angle head of Levkoy resembles a soft outlined pentagon that is a little longer than it is broad, where the muzzle lenth is only 1/3 part of the head. The forehead is rather low and the skull is long and flat. Prominent cheekbones and eyebrows form the angular outlines of the head. Profile is “stepped” – of two levels. The upper lines of nose bridge and of the head are almost parallel.
Nose: Not long and broad, with slight step up on the eyes level.
Muzzle: Not long, is slightly rounded, with clear muzzle break.
Whiskers: Curly, may be shortly snapped. Or none at all.
Neck: Of medium length, muscular, slightly arches from the shoulder to the base of the base of the skull.
Ears: Rather large, set high and wide apart. 1/2 or 1/3 part of each ear is roundly folded forward and down, without touching the head.
Eyes: Large, but not wide opened almond shaped, set slanted any colors allowed, but it should be pure and deep.
Body: Medium to long, muscular, slender, not massive or coarse. Back line slightly arched.
Chest: Not broad, of oval shape.
Legs: Rather long, strong boned, in proportion to the body.
Paws: Oval, whith long mobile toes.
Tail: Rather long, flexible, tapering to the tip, in proportional to the body of cat.
Skin and coat: Skin is thick “excessive” elastic and wrinkled on the head, above and under the eyes, on the neck, belly, legs and the groin. Preferible are the hairless cats. Coat totally bare skin is preferable. But young cats, or show cats of the first period of selection may have remnants of fur on points or be evenly coated with short (1-3 mm) velur fur all over the body. For breeding purposes cats of “brush” variation are acceptable having coarser curly fur all over the body with possible bare are as on head, neck, back; as well as cats with soft, curly, modified (synthetic) fur.
Color: All colors are accepted Tabby cats, are not differentiated by pattern.
Penalize: Too Short round head, round eyes, short “cobby” body, weak chin, stressful behaviour.
Disquality: Defects of the born structures, one or both eyeliner’s turn in ward; crossed eyes. Other disquality in accordance with the show rules.
Outcross with other breeds: Don Sphynx, Scottish Fold, Peterbold, Houshold Cats, fenotypically correspond to the morphologicall type of Ukrainian Levkoy.
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