Code of Ethics
The International Cat Fanciers’ Association Rolandus Union International (ICFA RUI)


The provisions of the code of Ethics should serve as a guide for breeders and a reference tool for potential buyers of pedigree cats. The code of ethics conveys and specifies the mission and goals of the The International Cat Fanciers’ Association Rolandus Union International.
The purpose of the Code of Ethics is to encourage responsible breeding of cats and prevention of unethical breeders, as well as reducing risk when breeding and buying purebred cats.
Every breeder who is a member of the ICFA RUI and uses its services, voluntarily assumes certain obligations in relation to pedigreed cats and to the Association.
The breeder is aware that the ultimate goal of breeding cats is to improve the breed and produce healthy and happy kittens, but not gain. The desire to fancy the type of cat, as close as possible to the ideal described in the standard, unconditional priority over any other goals of the breeder.


Ethical cat breeder:
  1. has sufficient knowledge about cats, breed standards, care of cats, genetics, and knows the breed characteristics chosen for breeding. Constantly strives to improve skills through self-education and participation in exhibitions organized by ICFA RUI.
  2. contains as many cats as can provide the appropriate care. Chooses the breed that is appropriate for his lifestyle.
  3. keeps the cat in a safe and comfortable space with opportunities for recreation and games in accordance with European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals. Provides a rational animal nutrition and access to clean drinking water.
  4. selects for breeding only those animals that meet the official breed standards adopted in ICFA RUI.
  5. constantly monitors health of the animals, with the appearance of signs of sickness provides veterinary care, regularly vaccinates cats. Before mating inspects the cats, the results of which must be supported by veterinary certificates.
  6. allows only mature female cats over 1 year are to the breeding. Does not allow the breeding of aged female cats. One female cat can bring no more than two litters a year.
  7. acknowleges the quality of breeding animals by participation in exhibitions organized by ICFA RUI with subsequent certification.
  8. tends to sell kittens to the end buyer, not mediums. Sale is possible only in reasonable anticipation of a happy and healthy life of an animal from a new owner.
  9. properly maintains documentation of the kennel, correctly registers the litters.
  10. maintains friendly and constructive atmosphere among the members of the Association, if necessary, helps other breeders.

The breeder chooses a new owner of a kitten or a cat. In relation to the new owner responsible breeder is obliged to:
  1. to engage in honest communication with buyers of the cats and kittens. Deliberate concealment of information about the disease of the animal is absolutely prohibited. The breeder should give to the buyer information about selected breed, and prevent false advertising.
  2. in case a kitten is sold as a pet breeder shall be obliged to explain all the benefits of sterilization and the reasons for the ban on breeding. It is highly desirable to transfer the kittens of this class already sterilized, and if that is not possible, the breeder must monitor the sterilization of the animal.
  3. transfer the kitten to a new home is possible after the age an animal receives all necessary vaccinations, usually no earlier than 13 weeks. Kitten is transferred to the new owner with all the necessary vaccinations, socialized, accustomed to a tray and scratching posts.
  4. together with a kitten the breeder definitely sends all the documents of the animal. The exception may be the case when an animal of pet class is passed unsterilized - the breeder may withhold papers until sterilization and documentary evidence.
  5. chooses a new owner, who makes a responsible purchase of an animal, possesses the necessary knowledge and skills for the care and maintenance of cats, takes a cat as a family member.
  6. a breeder remains in touch with the buyer after the sale of the animal and provides advice.
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