Peter's Top 5 favorite kittens in 2005-2006
Peter Paul Moormann

With kittens it is always a bit difficult to rank them because there are huge age differences. A Persian kitten from 3-6 months generally looks better than a Persian kitten from 6-10 months, because the older kitten is in a grow spurt and ears look larger and more pricked. Furthermore the skull, especially in males, needs time to develop. The whole thing is out of balance. For Siamese and Orientals the opposite usually happens. The older kittens have lovely large ears, long bodies and long necks. At that age they are at their best, often better than as adults. Despite all these age related breed differences I managed to pick out my top 5 favorite kittens.
Number 1: White Turkish Angora with amber eyes

I judged this young handsome male at a large exhibition in Gent (Belgium) on the 19th of December 2005. It has elegance, a lovely neckline, good round feet and a well-furnished tapering tail. Furthermore the wedge-shaped head is comparatively small. The profile has the required dip with a quite long straight nose. Eyes are almond shaped and possess a uniform color. Ears are super: large, set high and quite close together. This typically is a cat that looks best at this age. When older the top of the head will become broader and the ears will look smaller. Coat texture is good as well: silky and extremely fine. Length of coat is very nice for this age. But it is the whole that is more than the sum of its parts!
Number 2: Tortie-tabby mackerel and white Scottish Fold

This photograph was taken in Novosibirsk on the 25th of June 2005. It was my best kitten in the ring. I was delighted to see this beautiful kitten. It has a very sweet, open expression. There is roundness everywhere. The eyes are large and round. The ears are folded forward and downward, and are perfectly set in a cap-like fashion. The tail showed normal flexibility. Furthermore it had a good dense and resilient coat texture. The color pattern is highly attractive. Good intense colors, good patches, and lovely mackerel markings. What a beauty!
Number 3: Sorrel Abyssinian

This kitten became BIS kitten female 6-10 months in Sens (France) on the 19th of June 2005. It has a beautiful modified wedge. As you can see there are no flat planes in the head. It has lovely curved transitions between brow nose and muzzle. The ears are large, alert, broad and cupped at the base. Furthermore this young female has good almond shaped, large and brilliant eyes. It has an excellent rich color and a very nice ticking. It is free from any markings. The coat texture was fine and resilient to the touch. Furthermore it has the required lustrous sheen, which makes the coat so special.
Number 4: Seal Point Birman

Birmans are very popular in Western Europe. This small female was judged at Semur en Auxois (France) on the 26th of March 2006. At the moment there are some exquisite Birmans and they often win. This adorable kitten is very promising. It has a lovely type of head. It is a well-rounded wedge. The ears are well set, in balance with the head. The eyes have a good deep blue color, and are set far apart. It had a good profile with a dip and a Roman nose line. The coat texture is good silky and the kitten is well groomed. The points are not yet ready. The white gloves are very nice. The gauntlets are not visible, but they were well pointed at the heels. Hence, she has all the features of a good Birman.
Number 5: Shaded Silver Persian

I judged this sweet looking kitten twice: the first time in Paris Baltard on the 22nd of January and the second time in Semur en Auxois on the 26th of March 2006. It has a comparatively large head, enormous eyes, lovely short legs, a good cobby body, and a beautiful short, bushy tail. The coat is impeccable and it already has a wonderful regular tipping, without markings on the legs, good dark heels, and no traces of yellow or tan-color around the nose. It could have a shorter nose, that's true, but the face is open and the expression is adorable. Silvers with more type quite often lack the features that make them so beautiful. I mean the don't have the green eyes, the maquillage, the brick red nose with dark lining and the lovely soft tipping. Hence I think this sweetheart certainly deserves a place in my picture gallery.
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