Rules of calculating the rating
Based on the results of a show the rating of the best kittens and adult cats is calculated. The rating is calculated using the results of judgment in every ring. Points received by a cat in the rings are summed up. Following the end of the show the rating of the best kittens and adult cats is calculated, published in periodical felinological editions and placed at the RUI's Web-site (reference to the shows). After the end of every show the Championship's current rating is updated. The final rating of the Show Season (Top 100 Cats & Top 100 Kittens) is saved at the Web-site and published in RUI's Yearbooks. (reference to the Library).
Points are assigned in the following way: the cat winning the first place in the BEST-ring receives 100% of points from the overall number of participating cats (98 cats judged - hence 98 points). The second place at the BEST-ring - 90%, i.e. 88.2 points etc.
Based on the results of the Show Season (September - May) the number of points scored by an cat is summed up and Top 20 cats & Top 15 kittens of the Open Championship of Ukraine are defined. They acquire a right for the UKRAINIAN WINNER (UW) title . The UW title is lifelong and is stated in the pedigree documents.
The highest title of the ROLANDUS-UNION International is the GRAND CHAMPION title that is conferred to the cats winning the EUROPEAN CHAMPION title and scoring not less than 500 points in the Championship's rating. The best representatives of a breed according to the Championship's rating are awarded the Breed Winner title (BW). The titles are lifelong and are stated in all documents.
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